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Prayer Guide

Each day of the prayer guide includes a passage of Scripture to read, a devotional, and some pointers for prayer and repentance.

Ways you can receive the prayer guide (choose what works best for you):

1) Receive the daily prayer guide in your inbox every day by subscribing to the blog below. You will receive a “confirm your subscription” email from WordPress. Make sure to open the email and click “confirm” to successfully subscribe!

2) Check this blog every 10 days for a printable version of the prayer guide.

Special version with Chinese translation:

Special version with LARGER FONT:

Special version including Scripture passages in the PDF:

How to use the prayer guide:
  1. Read the passage of the day (i.e., Isaiah 1:10-15)
  2. Read the “devotional” of the day
  3. Pray (however you like – you can write your prayers in a prayer journal or just pray out loud!)

May you be blessed as you draw closer to our Father!


Grace Chen

“But the end of all things is at hand; therefore be serious and watchful in your prayers.”

— 1 Peter 4:7

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